The Investment Facilitation for Development Agreement: A reader's guide

After three years of informal talks and three years of formal negotiations, a group of more than 115 WTO members announced a major milestone on July 6, 2023: the finalization of the legal text of a new global agreement on investment facilitation. The agreement establishes a set of binding rules on transparency, streamlining, and improved cooperation on investment facilitation.

By Rashmi Jose on February 6, 2024

This reader's guide provides an overview of the Investment Facilitation for Development Agreement. It describes the rules and legal provisions that have been agreed and succinctly explains what the disciplines require. It has been designed to provide all interested stakeholders with a short and clear summary of the treaty.

This material has been funded by the UK Government Centres of Expertise as part of UK International Development; however, the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the British government's official policies. The Umbrella Grant is a project of the Trade and Investment Advocacy Fund (TAF2+) and is implemented by the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

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