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Food and Agriculture: Emerging Policy Issues

Emerging issues policy briefs is a series produced by the IISD Agriculture, Trade & Investment Team. The series highlights and explains emerging issues that affect the resilience and sustainability of food and agriculture systems, particularly in developing countries. They introduce new risks and opportunities that  national governments need to consider as they harness trade and investment in order to make a positive contribution to food security and nutrition, decent work, land rights, gender equality, and sustainable resource management. 


With this series, IISD continues to fulfil its commitment to creating innovative knowledge and spaces for inclusive and informed debate on how best to achieve sustainable and equitable food and agriculture systems. The series is designed to help governments, parliamentarians, civil society organizations, farmers, the private sector, and regional and international organizations to understand the risks, benefits, and policy issues raised by new and emerging issues in food and agriculture systems. 

The series will contribute to the full and informed participation of developing country governments and their societies in the development of just and sustainable national, regional and global food and agriculture systems, focused in particular on legal and institutional frameworks for investment and trade.


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Food and Agriculture
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